FasTrade™ is a is a powerful real time trading solution which allows the user to watch market prices and execute orders in multiple exchanges and markets instantaneously by Real Time Price streaming. The CTCL / Internet trading platform is available for the Cash, Futures & Options and Currency segments of NSE, Cash segment of BSE, and Commodity Futures on MCX, NCDEX and NMCE. It has Integrated Charts, User Defined Price Alerts and MTM alerts. It also boasts a Pseudo DP with Online DP integration and support for various Bank Payment Gateways.

The Trading platform of our company is a comprehensive software application suite for real time trading for the users to watch Market prices and execute buy & sell orders instantaneously. The application is highly integrated with multiple exchanges within a single order entry / viewing window which enables the user to view and place orders in a live environment in multiple exchanges. The user screen is fully customizable by the user to display information based upon their preferences. The trading platform is available for:

BSE - Cash; Futures & Options
NSE - Cash; Futures & Options
NSE Currency Derivative Segment

FasTrade™ Server uses Java ™ and has an Architecture which is truly Multi Platform not only in Software Compatibility but also in Database Compatibility

Key Product features:

Following is the rate card for use of FASTRADE:


No. of Terminals

Charge for BSE Broadcast and Trade

Charge for Broadcast and Trade from Other Exchanges




CTCL/IML Workstation



















IBT exe

upto 100 users




100-500 users




>500 users




IBT (browser)

Enterprise license



Per month enterprise license for all segments all exchanges



Incentive Scheme on FASTRADE:
Incentive Scheme
Each month's total transaction charge accrued to BSE (cash and derivatives), will result in an equivalent offset on the subsequent month's FASTRADE billing; subject to a maximum cap in the offset limited to the value of the Fastrade billing. The credit will expire at the end of the month
Members Opting for F&O segment on FASTRADE will also be eligible for SPARK © Backoffice(BSE Derivatives), enterprise license free of charge
Billing for non-BSE segment usage of FASTRADE will be done by BSE Technologies directly to Brokers.
Pricing and Incentive scheme valid only for Two years

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Salient Features

Multiple Layered Risk Management System
The CTCL trading platform has a layered risk management system comprising of
  • IP Address based restrictions
  • User Margins
  • Multiple level user deposits
  • User Rights
  • User Limits
FasTrade™ gives the administrator additional rights to define the Risk Management System by setting Multiple Independent R.M.S Checks at further five levels at
  • User
  • Exchange
  • Market
  • Segments
  • Security / Instrument

Report Management
System wide, fully customizable reports are available to the administrators for viewing positions and details of clients. The admin can cancel/square off orders as and when required from within the admin reports.

The user can view
  • Outstanding orders
  • Orders and trade Messages
  • Market By price
  • Trade details
  • Net Position
  • Market Movement
  • Activity Log
  • Script /Contract Information
  • Top 20 script details
  • RMS Details

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Built in a scalable manner, the information flow to and from the stock exchange and the FasTrade™ server as well as the flow towards the clients or broker/agents is pictured.

Developed using Microsoft's and Java technologies, FasTrade™, is a Platform Independent solution which utilizes components which allow it to quickly deployed using other databases as well as operating platforms. There are four basic Engines through which the complete process of back office management is automated

FasTrade™ connects to different Exchanges like NSE, BSE, NCDEX and segments like NSE Cash, BSE Cash, NSE FO and NCDEX.

FasTrade™ Server Applications has a Plug and Play Modular Structure which allows for Multiple Components to be installed and run like FasTrade™ Power Executable,
FasTrade™ Thin, FasTrade™ Charts, FasTrade™ DP Gateways, FasTrade™ Bank Gateways etc..

System Fortification: FasTrade™ Server Architecture allows it to support Clustering of All critical Processes like Risk Management, Application Server, Broadcast Server, Exchange Connecters and also Database Mirroring thus ensuring Security and eliminating system downtimes.

FasTrade™ Server components allows it to be used on a variety of Databases (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2) and Industry Strength Operating Systems (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Sun Solaris, Linux, UNIX).

FasTrade™ Client utilizes unique technologies to allows it to be available to be used through a range of different networks types ( L.A.N, W.A.N, Internet, Leased Line) and it can be used on a variety of Windows Operating Systems ( Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003)

FasTrade™ Mobile allows the User to Trade from anywhere using a CDMA Mobile as a Trading Terminal. (SEBI Regulation Pending)

Currently FasTrade™ optimally utilizes:

Front End Technologies Visual Basic.Net, Java

Back End Technologies Java, C, C++.

SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, Oracle 8i/9i/10g.

System Requirements
End User Machine Configuration HARDWARE : 1 GB MB RAM or above , 16 Bit Colour SVGA Monitor (1024X 768 Display)
Higher hardware configuration can be chosen for better performance

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Architecture & Information

Architecture and Information Chart

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