ePay ™ is a powerful real time Payment gateway solution which allows the user to transfer, block funds on a real time basis.

e-Pay ™ can be integrated to various e-commerce systems interfacing with Multiple Banks. Allows the user to update margins for trading purposes and there by trading limits online by transferring amounts to the Margin account with the brokers from various banks.

e-Pay ™ mploys state of the art technology providing certainty, resilience, and reliability. Provides a proven solution built around a sophisticated and open "realtime" Java based engine. The technical architecture is fully scalable and deals efficiently with large production volumes, using the browser in the LAN or on any Wide Area Network including a Public Network like the Internet.

The Gateway engine is database independent and can work on any RDBMS with a JDBC driver. The engine also supports various reports for tracking and verifying the transaction requests.