CITRUS™ Thin is an intelligent, centralized solution for user's operational needs related to the maintenance of the client records. It is an integrated software solution which provides the capability to handle multiple companies and entities in a complex hierarchy with a single user interface. The potential prospects can be Banking firms, Broking firms etc.

Few Key Features

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Maker-Checker Facility
Salient Features :
  • A maker-checker system has been put in place to de-risk the process of sensitive data maintenance because allowing just one individual to have full control of what records can be added or updated or how this is done can pose substantial risks to a system.
  • This facility will ensure that a higher authority will always be able to keep tabs on changes or additions in records. For instance, if a Client is registered in the system by a user with Maker privileges, the record will be pending for approval with a user with Checker authority at the HO end, and will be activated in the Clients master only after approval.
  • This facility can be activated / deactivated according to users' requirement.

Dynamic - Zero Obsolescence Guaranteed
  • CITRUS' strength lies in anticipating future developments and making provisions for them in the present. To a great extent, when changes need to be incorporated, the users' administrator can simply use one of the Configuration Masters menus to do so. Thus eliminating the need for the user to keep going back to the creators of the product when such requirements arise. For example, if a new exchange segment is to be added, the administrator can do so via the Exchange Master menu which facilitates this process.
  • CITRUS is geared up for continuously changing procedures and rules, which evolve for the existing instruments as well as for new instruments being introduced. For example, if the regulator stipulates that some new records must be maintained, this new field can be incorporated in to the system almost immediately.

User Administration
  • The user administration module provides a browser based user-friendly interface to create user logins with various levels of access.
  • It provides a highly customizable menu hierarchy allowing the administrator to manage the menu options provided based on the requirement of the user.
  • Based on the Operational hierarchy, various ROLES (categories) can be created and access to the menu options to the system can be restricted accordingly. This has been done with the idea of allowing the user to create un-limited customized groups of users within the same level of hierarchy, thus ensuring a more focused menu for each of the user groups.
  • Further, to keep track of such complex hierarchies, reports on the hierarchy structures and access levels can be generated down to that of a user in the lowest rung of the hierarchy.
  • This customization will even allow users to let their clients/partners directly access their own records and maintain them, by creating user log-ins for each client with appropriate access rights, which will determine which screens and fields they may view and edit. Thus, ensuring that the user will have the most up to date records of a client and also reduce the load of record maintenance on the users' resources.

In-built Workflow Tracker
  • CITRUS comes with an in-built Workflow module in which the User may create process flows and keep tabs on.
  • Potentially highly complex workflows with sub-loops and offshoots may be created to reflect a highly customized workflow process.
  • This enables the user to not only monitor the status of specific process cycles, but also study and improve process efficiencies.
  • Reports on these workflows may be generated as and when the User desires for MIS purposes.

State of the Art
  • CITRUS has been developed in adherence to the strictest standards of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and has undergone multiple cycles of testing. This ensures the highest level of quality and software that is reliable and robust.
  • CITRUS is a browser-based solution, which facilitates operations spread almost anywhere on the globe.
  • CITRUS is a platform developed using the latest Thin Client technology. Its technology combination delivers outstanding performance, scalability and reliability.
  • .NET has been used as browser front end and ORACLE or MS-SQL as RDBMS, giving users the unique option of choosing between the two depending on cost and capacity limitations.

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Architecture & Information

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